Product Review: Oboz Wind River II Boot

Oboz Wind River II Boot

Product Review: Oboz Wind River II Boot

Webmaster note: The outdoor wilderness experts become experts through a lot of trial and error, so when they find a product that really works, they like to share their knowledge. Today, Jack has some great boot information.

Oboz-Wind-River-II-BootEarlier I wrote note about my trip to Montana to do some bird hunting. One problem with this hunting trip in the past has been the state of my feet by the end of the day. And my boots were the culprit.

You can have a jacket or vest that does not fit. If your pants are too big, you use suspenders. Hats and caps are adjustable, but not your boots.

In the past I have bought a new pair of boots every couple of years, trying to find one that is comfortable and can take the wear and tear of the shale, tock and water. I have been advised by hunting partners to not abandon my classic hunting boots because with the higher boot you have more ankle support and you don’t get burrs on your socks. First of all, I think a good pair of hiking boots gives you just as much support as a higher 8” boot. That is a personal opinion. And as far as burrs, if my feet are more comfortable at the end of the day, I will take the minute or two to take the burrs off my socks. The only downside with the lower boot is the tendency of the laces coming untied, but my mom taught me at an early age how to double knot a lace.

The boots I wore this year were the Oboz Wind River II and I found them to be very comfortable.

The Wind River II boots are made with B Dry technology, which this year was very important, since we seemed to run across a lot of water. But what I find that makes these boots exceptional is the mid sole. In the past, I have spent a lot for new boots and have had to go out and buy an expensive insert to strengthen the midsole. That is not necessary with the Wind River boots. (In fact, it’s not necessary with most of the boots and shoes that Oboz makes.) They call their footbed BFit Deluxe and with that and the dual density EVA midsole with the nylon shank, I have been able to walk all day with no discomfort. And this trip was no exception.

You add a quality sock and you are in business. I was switching between Darn Tuff, Dahlgren and Point 6 socks. My feet came out a whole lot better than they have in the past.

At Stone Harbor we have other quality boots. Most important is fit, so come on in and let’s give a few a try.

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