Not Your Ordinary Camping Meals


Not Your Ordinary Camping Meals

Picture of a cast iron pot and cover sitting on a grate over an open fireSure, just about anything tastes good when you are out in the woods. But experienced campers know you don’t have to settle for dehydrated food that tastes like salty cardboard. We asked some of the wilderness experts at Stone Harbor to tell us their favorite camping meal.

Chris: Breaded and fried fish and potatoes; also known as a shore lunch. (Chris is one of our fishing guides and a professional chef. When he isn’t guiding or cooking, he is busy writing his own cookbook. He’ll be judging the One Pot Cook-off Challenge that we are hosting for Fisherman’s Picnic.)

Jack: Camp Chow turkey and dressing along with sausage gravy and mashed potatoes. It’s like Thanksgiving dinner on a camping trip.

Nickie: B&R. That’s beans and rice. I like to add taco seasoning and brown sugar.

Ann: Steak and red wine. I freeze the steak solid before we leave and by the time we get to the camp site, it is thawed and ready to cook. I’m looking forward to trying the new Camp Chow sweet corn to go along with it.

Annette: Fresh walleye caught from the lake.

Jan: Pasta Vegetable Parmesan from Backpacker’s Pantry.

Beth: On the first night: chicken fajitas and a pouch of wine. For dehydrated food: chicken and dumplings. (Beth is guiding the Stone Harbor trip on Lake Saganaga. Call her at 218-387-3136 and she can tell you all about it. Ask her about the menu for the trip.)

How about you? What’s the best camping meal you ever had? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. SvenJul 05, 2013

    Lake trout and mac and cheese if I can manage to get some of that first ingredient. Otherwise Gado-Gado is so stinking easy and so tasty that I’ll even do it when I’m not on the trail.

  2. JennyJul 15, 2013

    These were really great unique ideas for meal options when camping. There’s no need to stick to the usual hotdogs and hamburgers. You can get creative!

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