Nature’s Artwork

Natures Artwork

Nature’s Artwork

Picture of bright orange and green lichen on a downed birch limb

Jan has an eye for catching the artistry of Mother Nature


Beauty IS Everywhere. Even in my Driveway.

It was a dark and stormy day. I was walking our two four-legged’s when I noticed the pop of orange colored lichen on this downed birch limb. The trailing pattern intrigued me. Then I noticed the smaller bright green lichen and was reminded of my Mountain Hardwear Monkey Fur Jacket which is THAT green and I realized some of the bright, wild colors used in outdoor clothing really do appear in nature. I just need to look for them.

Do you have some great photographs taken in Grand Marais or the BWCAW? If you send them to us at, we will publish them in a blog entry.

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