Picture of Josh's back as he's wearing the Mountain Hardware jacket while he is looking at Lake Superior and stretching his arms out

Mountain Hardwear’s Revolutionary New StretchDown Jacket


by Joshua Joswiak

Anyone who’s worn a down jacket knows that feeling of being trapped in a giant marshmallow. While that is a cozy feeling when insulation is a top priority, limited range of motion can be problematic for certain winter activities. Looking for the best of both worlds? Allow me to introduce Mountain Hardwear’s revolutionary new StretchDownTM Jacket.

Picture of Josh easily lifting a canoe while wearing the Mountain Hardware Stretchdown Jacket The Technology

The StretchDown Jacket’s key feature is of course its stretchiness. Believe me when I tell you, this jacket gives the wearer an absolutely unparalleled range of motion. Mountain Hardwear achieved this by using a state-of-the-art stretch-welded construction technique. Essentially replacing conventional stitching between the down panels with stretch-welded seams. Not only does this construction process make this down jacket unbelievably stretchy, it turns out that it also traps more warmth than standard stitch-construction.

Remember what I said about having the best of both worlds? This stretchy jacket still gives you that cozy down feel. Inside the stretch-welded down channels you’ll find 750-fill Q-Shield© DOWN. This water repellent infused down provides excellent insulation, and will even maintain its loft and insulating properties when wet.

The Beauty

The beauty of the StretchDown Jacket is in its versatility. Like many down jackets, it is a great choice for around town, hitting the slopes, or even shoveling the driveway. Unlike conventional stitch-constructed down jackets, it’s the perfect choice for activities that demand mobility. From chopping wood, to rock climbing, cross-country skiing, and ice climbing, the StretchDown Jacket is built for it all.

Finally, a down jacket that doesn’t hinder movement, and is perfect for any highly mobile sport. Well done Mountain Hardware.


Webmaster Note: This might be your day to buy a lottery ticket. Not only can you get the brand new StretchDown Jacket in our store or at shop.stoneharborws.com, it’s also 25% off through Monday, September 12th. Check it out here.


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