Fall in Grand Marais

Fall in Grand Marais

Picture of red maple leaves

Fall is a great time to visit Grand Marais!
Then again, there’s never a bad time to visit Grand Marais.

Our summer has passed. I know many of you had to endure days of oppressive heat, but visitors to Grand Marais are always amazed when they hear us complain about 80 degree temps. I guess it is all a matter of perspective–living in northern Minnesota you expect to sleep under a down comforter in August.

Now that the youngsters are back in school, the Grand Marais area changes. Not only do we prepare ourselves for the change of season, but our visitor base changes as well. The young families are replaced by young couples and retired folks.

The activities change as well. We only have a few weeks left of kayak tours on Lake Superior, for example. Many ask how long we are doing those tours. The answer is for as long as the lake lets us, but it won’t be long before the waves are too high and the air is too cold. We can still go inland both by canoe and kayak and will continue to do that until the weather turns nasty.

Picture of a rock climber

Have you tried rock climbing yet? Fall is the perfect time for a rock climbing adventure!

Fishing is going to pick back up again very soon. The fish that have sitting deep in our lakes start moving closer to the surface. The pink salmon start running very soon on the big lake. We may try our luck with walleyes with a fly rod in the near future.

This is also a great time for rock climbing. Areas that had lots of pesky mosquitoes during the summer are now very comfortable.

Hiking in the fall is probably the biggest attraction for our visitors. As with climbers, the bugs are almost nonexistent. Here in northern Minnesota the leaves start changing in two to three weeks, so the photography is spectacular. One word of caution to our hikers: there may be grouse hunters in the woods, so be aware of you surroundings. Many hikers wear orange hats, jackets or vests this time of year. Most hunters are well aware of having to coexist with hikers and are quite careful, but it is always good to be safe.

Be sure to stop in and ask for the good places to recreate this fall. We can guide you along the back roads and off the beaten track to find the best hiking and boating. But mostly, come enjoy Grand Marais in the fall.

  1. LindstromSep 11, 2013

    All I need now is a quick frost to zap some bugs.

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