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Webmaster note: When this post was originally written, we did not have an online store. Now you can buy it in our store or online.

camp_chow_logoA few weeks ago I wrote about Camp Chow and how we had been taste testing all winter. At that time we weren’t sure all the labels were going to get done so it could be sold in stores other than Trail Center. Well the labels are done and I am proud to say that Stone Harbor is selling Camp Chow meals. In fact, I spent time today writing the third order in about six weeks. In those six weeks, I have some observations and would like to share those along with news on some improvements.

To say “improvements” makes it sound like there was something wrong with what we had, but that is not the case. The improvements mostly have to do with size selection. Initially, most servings were for six, eight or more people. Most people are going to the BWCA as couples. Camp Chow is now available in servings for two in most of the line. And remember the days of buying servings for two and then going into the pack for another package because it only fed maybe 1-1/2 people? That is not the case here. Two means two hungry people. I have to warn you about trying a four serving meal for two people unless it is two guys pushing 250 pounds each. You would be throwing away good food and maybe attracting bears and other creatures of the night. And for you solo enthusiasts, stay tuned. Sarah is developing solo meals for Nathan Schroeder’s trip to the Iditarod this coming winter. She hopes to market that later this year.

I will continue giving updates as I keep getting new offerings. I have not been disappointed yet.

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