Back by Dark:30

Collage of pictures from the Superior Hiking Trail

The kind of adventure I can get behind at anytime

By Jackson Nickolay

When it comes to wilderness experiences, I tend to appreciate two things: accessibility and variety.

“Wait!” you say. “Wilderness and accessibility? Those sound mutually exclusive…” Make no mistake, I love a good week long adventure into the depths of the BWCA as much as the next paddler. But the reality is, for most of us a week-long excursion can be really hard to put together. Schedules conflict, jobs eat up time, and in lieu of all the stars aligning, we wind up unable to embark on all the epic adventures that we would like to.

Because of this, I often find myself searching for a more attainable goal; a three to five hour journey; one that still brings the relief that comes from being out in the wilderness but that gets me home by Dark:30.

This accessibility is what makes the Superior Hiking Trail my hands down favorite system of hiking trails. There are access points littered every 10-20 miles along the beautiful shore of Lake Superior. It’s simply a matter of picking what type of adventure I feel like having on a given day and I know that within about an hour of wherever I am on the North Shore, I can be well on my way to another wilderness experience.

Which brings me to my second criterion: variety. In this aspect I am completely spoiled, as the North Shore offers some of the widest variety in landscape. Within the space of one hike, I can travel over a prairie filled with wild flowers, through an old pine forest, down into a rushing river canyon and then back up to a glorious overlook of the Superior National Forest and Lake Superior, and all in enough time to get back for a pint at the brewery.

That is exactly the kind of adventure I can get behind at anytime. But hey, don’t take my word for it. Get up here and try it for yourself! Pick your adventure and enjoy all the beauty the North Shore has to offer. Or book a hiking tour with us and we’ll take guide you on this or one of the other beautiful hiking trails right here in Cook County.

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